Stefanik should stop defending Trump

POSTSTAR Letter to the editor| By 

Published Apr 27, 2023

Since Representative Stefanik did make a pledge to the folks of northern New York to only serve 10 years in Congress, I believe we should help her honor it. I’m chipping into the effort by becoming a Republican, effective the end of June in order to vote in Republican primaries. Country over party as (former Rep.) Adam Kinzinger proclaims. I encourage my, soon-to-be, fellow Republicans to consider over the course of the next year if a vote for Jill Lochner might not be better for our party. Take your time.

Stefanik has it easy until now, smearing Alvin Bragg as a puppet of George Soros. She’s determined to defend anything and everything Trump did. Think about how that might look a year from now. Trump is soon to be in court for a real life rendering of what he bragged about in the Access Hollywood tape. Following that is likely to be a case where he pressured Georgia election officials to commit fraud by “just finding 11,780 votes.” Also on tap, obstructing the return of classified documents he stole. And the cherry on top is his actions related to January 6th.

What’s our congresswoman’s defense of him in the election related cases? He really was cheated and therefore justified in extorting election officials and attempting a coup? How long do you keep telling yourself it’s okay if Trump did this and this and this? Stefanik is going to keep saying nothing he did is wrong, of course. But, you don’t need for that to represent your values. Enough is enough. Make a change.